Due to the passing of a longtime friend of mine, these firearms are being sold.
Updated Wed Jul 27 14:59:39 PDT 2011

While I am a FFL, I am only posting this ad to assist in finding a new home and I am not making any money off the sale of these firearms. I *may* assist in the shipping, but the owner might ship the firearms. I will try to get pictures taken and make them available.

All of these can be done as a PPT.

Savage 69RXL Series E shotgun, 12ga., $200
Carcano 1891/24 Carbine, Sporterized, Terni bolt action rifle, caliber 3.5 (hard to read), $150
Crossman 38T, .177 cal CO2 pellet gun, revolver, $40
Sheridan Products "Blue Streak" 5m/m cal pellet gun, bolt action rifle, $140
It appears to be a Model C, before 1963 with the hold-down safety.

Pellet guns are considered firearms in Simi Valley in terms of discharging them, Ord. 1151 enacted 07-Dec-2009 by the Simi Valley City Council.
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